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Such a shame so few exhibitors took advantage of this really big new venue.

Large ring, plenty of space to move the dogs properly. New matting was a definite plus too



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Gallery pictures are only thumbnail examples, water-marked proofs, not the finished article !
Photos can be cropped to fit the size you order and be digitally enhanced
For example, I would normally remove collars and leads - just let me know your preference

If I have to do a great deal of work, removing background, isolating dogs etc, there may be a charge

There is no charge to Basenji owners (or breeders) for emailed images
These can be used on your own websites but must be credited to me and I retain the copyright
Email me the IMG_number for removal of the watermark and specify size - for printing out or for website use
If in doubt, contact me

It has been suggested that a voluntary contribution to our Breed Rescue might be a way to raise funds (!)

Prints can be arranged if necessary and for these I have to make a small charge - plus postage and packing (generally around 2.00)

Photographs will be professionally printed

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